This is What I Came For

“Lightning strikes every time she moves. This is what you came for.” – Calvin Harris (feat. Rihanna)⁠

For most of my life, I wasted a lot of time trying to figure out who I was supposed to be for everyone else.⁠

I tried to make all the right decisions, follow the right rules, impress the right people.⁠

And then someone asked me, “Who were you before everyone told you who you were supposed to be?”⁠

I couldn’t answer the question. She was buried under so much fear, shame, and judgment, I couldn’t remember her. ⁠

Until I could. With a little bit of time, some deep healing, and a lot of support, I found Her again. And she’s badass.⁠

She’s wildly passionate and bursting with confidence.⁠

She loves hard, cares deeply, and sees limitless potential in everyone and everything.⁠

She’s brilliant, committed, and savagely determined.⁠

She’s creative, curious, and intuitive.⁠

And now she’s growing my business exponentially, revitalizing my marriage, and thrusting me into a life filled with colors and flavors I never knew existed.⁠

I’m ready to teach you how to find your “Her”. I’m developing a virtual coaching program that will do just that. It will reintroduce you to that wellspring of inspiration, passion, and wildness that already lives in you. Prepare to amaze yourself. Prepare to feel the ground shake beneath your feet. Prepare to be forever changed.⁠

More details are coming soon, but I couldn’t wait one more moment to talk about it. If you’re ready for committed and radical change, send me your name and an email address and I’ll forward an application to you.⁠

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