Our Thoughts Are Powerful

Our thoughts are magnetic and powerful.⁠
Here’s what I’m thinking:⁠
😐”Crap… I’ve been staring at this computer screen for the last hour trying to create content. Still nothing…”⁠
🀨”Maybe I don’t really have anything to say.”⁠
πŸ˜₯”Even if I did, what if it’s helpful to absolutely NO ONE?”⁠
😣”Maybe I’m just bad at this.”⁠
😞”If I don’t generate more money soon, my husband is going to think I’m not even trying.”⁠
😩”What if he already thinks that?? Ugh… I’m already a failure.”⁠
Sheesh… That went downhill quickly, didn’t it?⁠
Yes. And it will every. single. time. ⁠
Because our thoughts are a speeding train, chugging faster and faster toward the biggest, most dramatic outcome that we can possibly think of.⁠
Let’s face it, we like drama.⁠
⭐What if we could use that to our advantage?⁠
⭐What if we gave that train a little nudge in a different direction- toward the biggest, most dramatic outcome that we ACTUALLY WANT?⁠
Let’s see what happens…⁠
😐”Crap… I’ve been staring at this computer screen for the last hour trying to create content. Maybe I need to stand up and move around a bit to get the juices flowing.”⁠
πŸ€””Maybe I’ve got SO much to say, that I need to choose just one thought and focus on that.”⁠
🀩”What if people read this and get so excited, my comments fill up faster than I can reply??”⁠
πŸ˜€”Maybe I’m better at this than I’ve ever realized!”⁠
πŸ’₯”What if my partner sees powerful magic in me that I have yet to see? What if he already knows that I’m getting ready to blow the doors wide open??”⁠
πŸ”₯”I’m a freakin’ genius! I married a guy that can see the future!!”⁠
Ahhh…. yessssss…. THAT kind of drama feels better and much more aligned with where I want to be.⁠
I mean… it created this post, so clearly something has shifted. πŸ˜‰ ⁠

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