Does Your Inside Match Your Outside?

My outside is pretty big and bold.
I fill a doorway at almost 6 feet tall and 220 delicious pounds. I wear all of that with a lot of pride and presence (that hasn’t always been the case, but I’ll save that story for another day).

My smile is loud. My laugh is louder. My voice is, yes, even louder.

While that is genuinely me being myself, that confidence doesn’t always match what’s going on inside.

Inside, there are insecurities about what you’ll think of me.

Inside, there’s anxiety about making sure I’m holding enough space for everyone else.

Inside, there’s anger about what’s “wrong” with the world.

Inside, there’s fear that I won’t accomplish what I’ve set out to do.

Sometimes, I wear a mask of confidence that will hide what’s going on inside.

Sometimes, I’m just leaning on that confidence to carry me through to the next moment.

And that’s ok. 🥰

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