3 Steps to Shift Your Energy from Pitiful to Powerful

Feeling icky? …like you’re trying to remember something, ANYTHING, to feel confident about?⁠

Check it-⁠

Look around you. Notice an object. First thing that catches your eye. Think about where that object came from… the events that led to that object existing where it is now.⁠

**Example- Sitting in my office, I notice a framed photo of a beautiful tree.⁠
I remember taking that photo during a trip to Ichetucknee Springs, FL with a group of friends many years ago.⁠

I remember being so excited to use the fancy new camera that my parents had gifted to me for Christmas.⁠

I remember buying the frame with so much pride to show off this print that I’d had professionally printed.⁠

In what ways are you responsible for the existence of this object?⁠

**Example- I surrounded myself with friends who appreciated nature as much as I did.⁠
I had a talented eye for beautiful photography that my parents recognized, nurtured, and happily supported.⁠

I created income that would allow me to purchase the printing and framing of this photo (felt pretty expensive at the time).⁠

In what ways can you still recognize this intrinsic value in yourself today?⁠

**Example- I am always attracting more people into my life that appreciate my gifts and show their love and support for me.⁠

I have created an environment for myself during this difficult time that feels peaceful and abundant.⁠

I am discovering new creative talents in me that allow potent expression.⁠
I am capable and committed to creating sustainable income every day.⁠

Rinse & Repeat :)⁠

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