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Hi, my name is Jamie!

I believe that women who love their bodies define their future.

With over ten years of counseling experience, my passion for guiding women to transform the relationship with their body was the aftermath of my own eight-year battle with infertility. During those years, I felt lost, disconnected, and full of shame and guilt.

But this pilgrimage launched me into a deep appreciation for my body and its function as my source of intuition, creativity, and power. And I felt compelled to lead others to experience the same.

Today, I am a Body Wisdom Teacher & Healer who has worked with women for over five years to shed layers of trauma, interrupt harmful patterns, and free themselves from societal expectations… to reveal their true Wild Soul.

Wild Soul Offerings

Radical Woman

One-on-one guidance that will uncover reserves of power, confidence, and passion that you didn’t realize you had. If you’re ready to drop the layers of guilt & shame and step fully into the world with purpose, this is where you start!

Sound Healing

A library of professionally recorded guided meditations set to the healing sounds of a variety of beautiful instruments including drums, crystal & metal singing bowls, bells, kalimba, ocarina, tongue drum, and vocal chanting. All instruments played by me!

Radical Woman Sacred Circle (retreats)

A gathering of like-minded, magical women ready to dive deep into the journey of creating a life truly inspired by connecting with their own divinity.

Order of the Empress (online community)

Sacred feminine mystery school meets support group. At each gathering, you’ll experience connection and support like no other while deepening your own relationship with the parts of you that are begging to be seen.

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